New Year’s

In my own, extremely, humble opinion, I think I started the new year right.

I already took on my third resolution: spend more time with friends.

I know that’s kind of an easy one to accomplish on New Year’s Eve, but I’m still counting it goddamnit.

I spent all of New Year’s Eve out with friends. We went to see The Greatest Showman. (Highly recommend btws. Super proud to be from a circus town right now.) Afterwards, we went out drinking, because when do we all get together and not drink?

We started the night off sipping wine in a classy wine bar downtown. There was live music and a refreshments table with plenty of bread and cheese. (I was a fan.) Right around 11:30pm we headed to a popular, dive bar a couple blocks away. (We’re not quite at a point in our lives where we wanted to ring in the New Year swaying back and forth to some smooth jazz.)

At the dive bar, we partook in rail drinks that were 80% alcohol and some shitty, free champagne given out at midnight.

When midnight did roll around, I ended up kissing an old acquaintance. We both agreed to kiss at midnight, but when the ball dropped and I went for a kiss on the cheek, she pulled me in for a full on lips smacker. I had to check afterwards to make sure I didn’t have any of her lipstick lingering on my face.

Honestly, we missed the wine bar. The dive bar was PACKED. No matter where we were standing, we were in the way. And there was no way in hell we were getting a seat at the bar. Not to mention the fact that we ran into a TON of people from high school. It did turn into a fun game of trying to remember the names of obscure former classmates while drunk. I was losing horribly. The score at the end of the night was somewhere around 2 to 7.

Very soon after midnight, we left. We were more than a little uncomfortable hanging around in a bar that was mostly just a memorial to those who couldn’t find a way to leave their hometown.

We ended up at Sabrina’s house, where I very promptly claimed my resting place on the couch. Sabrina pulled up a beautiful musical from Netflix, and her mom place a blanket on top of me straight out of the dryer. Needless to say, I was out like a light within minutes.

The next morning, we went out to breakfast at a local diner. I wolfed down a ham steak with scrambled eggs, potato cakes, and a side of toast. It turned out that I didn’t get drunk enough the night before to give myself a hang over, but I did drink enough to turn my stomach into a raging black hole.

After breakfast, although really I should call it brunch based on the time of day, we trekked out to visit our friends Alyssa. She wasn’t able to join us the night before, because she’s been more or less bed ridden from her tonsillectomy.

We spent most of the day all cuddled up together in her bed chatting and laughing. Aylssa was certainly good for some laughs given all the pain meds she was on.

However, more than anything else, our visit with her reminded me of the importance of female friends.

Alyssa was pretty upset when we visited her, because her boyfriend had yet to see her since her surgery. Sabrina had already made the effort to visit her twice by that point. The boyfriend had even had New Year’s Eve off of work, but he figured he would rather go drinking with friends and then be too hungover the next morning to come see her.

Alyssa appreciated us so much. It made me value my resolution to spend time with friends even more. It’s so important to spend the time necessary to strengthen and maintain those relationships, because at the end of the day, friends always pull through for you.

I would be lying if part of me wasn’t screaming, “Go home! You have so much shit to do! You’ve spent enough time being lazy with your friends,” but I made sure not to listen to that Type A personification wailing its head off inside my brain. I needed and I deserved that time to bond with the women I love. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Much less coming home to do the dishes and pack lunches for the week.


Photo Credit: Pexels


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