2017 in Review

Whoa. I cannot believe 2017 is over. Seriously, it flew by so freaking fast. Especially these last couple of months. Let’s go over some of the crazy stats that were my life in 2017.


  • Apartments lived in: 3
  • Number of jobs: 7 (Seriously, my tax return is going to be a bitch.)
  • Cities lived in: 2
  • Number of leisure books read: At least 22 (It’s hard to keep track since I check out so many from the library.)


  • Got engaged
  • Bought my first car
  • Graduated college
  • Got accepted into grad school
  • Started my first full time job
  • Studied abroad in Mexico
  • Adopted a kitten

What 2018 will bring:

  • Starting grad school
  • Transitioning jobs
  • Wedding planning
  • Tattoo?
  • I’m sure more will come up. (It always does.)

Resolutions for the new year:

  • Stress less:
    • My first two jobs in Madison have been extremely stressful. Unhealthily stressful. Now that I’m adding grad school into the mix, it is my top priority to keep my stress levels under control. Hopefully this upcoming job transition should help me lower my overall stress levels.
  • Watch less TV:
    • I waste so much time watching television. Sure watching a couple episodes is a good way to unwind, but binge-watching is just another word for procrastination.
  • Spend more time with Friends:
    • Far too often I spend so much time stressing about my own life, that I forget about my friends. Goodness know they are just as stressed out and overwhelmed as I am 95% of the time. Not to mention the fact that when we get together, our sole mission is to UNLOAD. We gab, we drink, we dance. Three of the best ways to decompress in my own humble opinion. Point is my friends and I depend on each other to help get through the perils of suspended adulthood. I need to prioritize these hang outs, both for their sake and my own.

It’s been an absolutely nonstop year in terms of shit gotten done. Looking back, I honestly don’t know how I did it all. I just hope the upcoming year can be a little calmer. Wish me luck with that!

May you all have some peace and goddamn quiet in the upcoming year.

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