It feels kind of odd to say this, but I just went on my six year anniversary date with my fiance, Jake.

That’s crazy.

I can barely wrap my head around dating someone that long.

I’ve been dating Jake for almost a third of my entire life.

That’s insane.

Granted ours is a bit of a familiar story.

High school sweethearts. Doesn’t that phrase just immediately conjure up imagery of a star football player and a cheerleader who stay together forever just to try to recreate those gilded high school memories?

Definitely not us. Nowhere even close.

We were two of the nerdiest people to ever exist, who happened to find each other’s geekiness to be extremely attractive.

I remember watching Jake work on his recording project before school every morning. His favorite thing to do, was to take pop songs and make them better. He would make them into something that he wanted to listen to. It was epic.

Meanwhile, in the evenings, that boy attended each and every one of my after school events. There were a lot. He came to watch me perform for choir concerts, musicals, poetry readings, and everything else he could attend.

I never thought I would meet someone who was proud of me for my endless list of hobbies.

Then again, I don’t think Jake ever thought he’d find someone who wanted to listen to him talk about all the computer coding he did that day.

Point is, regardless of how it came to be, we have a really good thing going here.

And oh my god, it has been a crazy year for our relationship. We got engaged. We moved in together. Twice.We’ve spent six months out of the year doing long distance. Then we moved together. (In case you’re counting, that’s three fucking moves altogether.) And we got a cat!

That’s a lot of milestones for one year.

It actually makes me a little dizzy looking back on it all.

That’s why for our anniversary dinner, we kept it as low key as possible. We went out to our favorite tapas bar and enjoyed a delicious meal together.

Eno Vino is known for their truffle fries.

I didn’t even dress up! I’m talking jeans and a sweater people. I don’t dress down any more than that in public.

Honestly though, it was nice to take all the pressure off. I know last year I made a big fuss over our five year anniversary, and all it did was make Jake nervous. That’s not what it should be. It should be two people celebrating the effort and the reward of loving someone daily for an entire year.

And after such a strain of a year, it was nice to take a load off for a moment and enjoy a meal with my darling, Jake.


Photo Credit: Cassandra C of Trip Advisor an videvo

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