A Late Night Interview and Tequila Shots

As that title obviously hints, I am obviously making GREAT life decisions right now.

Let’s just say… Friday got unexpectedly interesting.

Remember that remark at the end of my last post about a possible position as a delivery driver? Well they called me back Friday night asking for an interview. I told them I would love to interview as soon as possible.

The way I see it, there is a limited amount of time left before I go back to school, I should probably figure out this whole job situation before I throw grad school into the mix.

They said, how does eight tonight sound?


I threw on my dressiest pair of jeans with a cute sweater, made myself a grilled cheese sandwich, and headed off into the night.

I was literally walking up to the warehouse for my interview when I get a text.

“Do you want to party?”

No, a prostitute wasn’t texting me. It was my good friends, and favorite dancing partners, Sabrina and Alyssa.

It had been a while since we had gone out drinking together, and lord knows I had been dying to go out dancing for a while now, so I texted back, “Sure, let me finish this interview first.”

Luckily the interview consisted solely of, “Do you still want this job?” No, I showed up to this freezing cold warehouse, because I’m not interested in the position. “Do you have valid insurance and registration?” Duh. “Any questions?” Yeah, how are y’all still in business?

No questions about my driving record. No questions about previous work experience. #1 most bizarre interview of my life.

After that I watched my soon-to-be manager pack orders for about twenty minutes while I waited for her to scan my license, insurance, and registration. Must say, I’m glad that I can just wait in my car between orders. That warehouse makes hoarders look organized.

As soon as I could slip out of there, I headed over to meet up with Alyssa and Sabrina. After leisurely drinking cocktails at two different bars, we headed over to Ruby’s Lounge for some dancing.

I already had a very good buzz going when we arrived, but the girls talked me into both a tequila and a vodka shot, before we hit the dance floor. Let’s just say I wasn’t too self conscious about my dance moves after that hardy helping of liquid courage.

I danced the freaking night away, and had a ton of fun doing so. I could have gone without the massive hangover the next morning, but it was worth it to have a fun night out with friends. With how stressful this sudden job transition has been, it was nice to spend a night not thinking about the future, and just living in the now.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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