The Perils of Temp Work

After about five months of temp work, I can definitively say: it sucks.

From the get go I was nervous about working with a staffing agency. Something about people other than your employer profiting off of your labor… makes me uneasy to say the least.

But, after two months of being miserable canvassing, I was desperate to find any job that would take me, and get the heck out of there.

If I can say one good thing about my staffing agency experience, it’s that they found me a decently paying job, and they found it quickly.

After that, it was a bit of a shitshow.

First of all, they misinform me constantly.

For example, oh… I don’t know… THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG ADDRESS FOR MY INTERVIEW. (Yes, I am still a bit salty about this. I know I’m subtle about it and all.)

Also, they misinformed me about the scheduling flexibility of the position, procedures for how to call in sick, procedures for how to take scheduled time off, and mislead me about how much they are skimming off the top of my wage.

As if that isn’t already enough, their most disgusting offense is that they lied to me about the length of my temp period. Before I accepted the job, the staffing agency told me I was going to be a temp employee for four to five weeks before being hired on full-time at full wage.

Here I am at month five… Still waiting…

My boss at Clearesult told me about two months in that they couldn’t hire on any full-time staff until January. Of course I wasn’t thrilled with the news, but I understood that they didn’t have much flexibility in their staffing budget until the new fiscal year.

Now, I have been informed that they cannot even hire me on in January. They are pushing the date back until February.

I’m not so sure I want to stick around to find out if they’ll actually stick to the deadline this time.

This is a good job, and I’m glad that I’ve worked here for the past five months, but I work way too goddamn hard for the temp wage I’m currently receiving.

So here I am, scrolling job sites, and praying for the best.

How resume building does the career title delivery driver sound?



7 thoughts on “The Perils of Temp Work

  1. That’s bullshit! It sounds to me like they’re intent is just procrastination. They’ve found you and your a great employee so they don’t want to lose you. Wow, it makes no sense about how unorganized the temp agency is either.

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  2. The runaround seems to be the worst part about all of that! I’m curious if most staffing agencies are this way. Like it’s great to get a job and have something but it’s like they’re taking advantage. Good luck with the job search!!

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