Hairy Questions and a Little Aftershave for Me

Last weekend I returned to that salon I blogged about back in October. I loved it so much, and I could not wait to go back to try it out again, but this time I brought a friend…

Actually, a little more than a friend. I brought along my fiance, Jake. For years he has been putting up with chain, walk-in hair shacks varying degree of quality from adequate to your hair looks worse than before you got a cut. Certainly nothing spectacular came from these low-budget quickie cuts.

But hallelujah, praise all the goddesses, Jake agreed to come with me to get a decent haircut.

Little did I know that getting an actual quality men’s haircut is a bit more difficult than expected.

First of all, I was trying to book our appointments online. I booked my usual short hair cut, but was failing to grasp what I should book for Jake. Should he get a barber cut or a short cut? What the fuck is the difference?

Well, after a cursory google search, it seems that the difference is that a barber cut uses more buzzer while a short cut uses more scissors. I wasn’t super sure which was best, but I figured I may as well just book a short cut, because neither one of us wanted to see him walk out of there with a buzzcut.

I guessed right. A short cut was exactly what Jake wanted and needed. What kind of short cut? That’s a different story. Usually Jake describes the way he wants his hair cut in length. X inches on top and Y inches on the sides and back. Usually even these straightforward instructions are too complicated for the average cheapie, walk-in place.

However, after the usual length spiel, Jake’s stylist, Jay, had some follow up questions. Do you want a crew cut? Fade? Relax man! What? you want a box cut? Whatcha want?

Jake looked over at me in absolute terror. He didn’t know what the hell he wanted. No one had ever asked before.

“Surprise us!” was the only solution I could provide.

Even without much to go off of, Jay gave Jake got the best haircut of this life. He looks gorgeous. (Or more gorgeous than usual anyway.) I have no idea how to describe his haircut in technical terms, but I can say that it’s sexy as all get out.


I was lucky enough to have my own traditionally male experience at the salon. After my haircut, my stylish Aislinn surprised me with a hot towel, a shave, and even a little aftershave.

I had asked Aislinn to give me a nape design that I had seen online. After using the buzzers to trim the outline, she cleaned it up with a little shaving cream and a razor.

It was fabulous. I loved every second of it. I loved the warm, steamy towel. I loved the creamy, foamy shaving cream on the back of my neck, and I ADORED the surprise splash of aftershave. I smelled fantastic the rest of the day.

I was half tempted to ask her what brand it was, so I could go get some to use everyday.

Also, my nape design turned out gorgeous. My only complaint is that it’s on the back of my head, so it’s hard for me to admire it in all its glory.

IMG_3064-iloveimg-converted (1)

Again, I am thrilled with our experience with this salon. We both came out looking hotter than hell and feeling great. Isn’t that how all haircuts should make you feel?

Needless to say, Jake is never going back to getting a cheap, quickie cut ever again.


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