Embossing Like a Boss

Our first weekend living in our new apartment, Jake and I decided to do a little impromptu gift exchange.

After settling in, I wanted to give Jake his Christmas present a little early, because it involved a piece of furniture. There was no way I was loading up my bookcase with all my books just to have to move them all again in a month to make room for his new gift.

However, Jake has two super powers. One is knowing exactly when a timer is going to go off. Honestly, I don’t know why he even sets timers anymore. I honestly think its just so he can show off the fact that he will always pop up three seconds before the timer goes off. His second super power is to guess what his gift is. No matter how creative I get, he always guesses what I picked out.

This time was no different. This kid is impossible to surprise.

As soon as I mentioned that his gift involved a piece of furniture, Jake asked if it was a record player.

Of course he was right, but at least he didn’t guess part two of his present. In addition to this lovely, vintage-style record player, I also gave Jake a small shelf to hold all his records.


It looks great in the apartment and its so much fun to listen to all of Jake’s records again. He hasn’t had a record player since high school, so his record have just been collecting dust. He was ecstatic (or whatever Jake’s form of ecstatic is) to enjoy his records once again.

Jake returned the early Christmas exchange, by giving me part one of my Christmas gift.

He surprised me with an item that I’ve always wanted, but never allowed myself to be frivolous enough to buy.

He gave my a book embosser. It’s the bookish present of my dreams.

Rick wishes you peace among worlds in the background.

I spent the whole afternoon stamping all my books to proudly say they are a member of Erica Hainz’s library. It’s super nerdy and I love it. It’s something that I’ve always secretly wanted, and I’m thrilled to finally have it.

Can you tell I’m in love?

My personal library consists mostly of cheap, second hand books and public library rejects. It’s nice to make my library of misfits feel more like the unified literary collection that they are.

Sorry this isn’t the best example of a stamp, I’m blogging from Southern Illinois right now and I only have one book with me.

I adore every novel in my possession so much. It’s gratifying to see them bear my name.

This gift was also super special, because it shows Jake’s support of my choice to earn my Master’s in English Studies. His support means the world to me, especially when my family has been less than receptive on the subject.

Our spontaneous Christmas exchange was magical. We both gave each other meaningful gifts that supported our individual interests.

Jake laughed a little when I got so worked up over a $25 gift, but the monetary value doesn’t matter. The fact that he cared enough to know exactly what I want without me having to say a word, makes the gift priceless.


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