Guess who’s going back to school?

After four months of playing phone tag with my enrollment advisor and resubmitting documents that I had been reassured, several times, had already been received, I have finally been admitted to grad school. You read that right. You are currently reading words written by a student admitted to Arizona State University’s Master’s of English Studies Program.

Feels pretty good to see that sentence in text.

Honestly, I didn’t know how this process was going to end. My enrollment advisor acted like I was silly to be worried given my all but perfect undergrad GPA, but it seemed like everything that could go wrong did go wrong on my application. I had to have my deadline extended, twice. 

So thank all the lords that the suspense is over.

One can only check their email so many times in a given day.

I’ve already enrolled in my two classes for the Spring semester. Session A I am taking Approaches to Research. Sounds like balls to the walls action, right? Session B I will be taking my first of many literature courses, Cross-Cultural Studies: Spies and Detection. Not really sure what to expect from that second one, especially since for the life of me I can’t find a course description, but obviously it can’t compete with the non stop thrill ride that is Approaches to Research.

It feels so good to be taking the first concrete steps towards my future, creative career.

My bureaucratic job is currently draining the life force from me, so at least now I can daydream about a future where I don’t have to give a flying fuck about SEER ratings or AFUE percentages.

I start classes January 8th. Wish me luck!

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