Move in

Sorry I disappeared there for a while there. Things got a little hectic around here about two weeks ago. That would be right around the time when Jake and I moved.

Within the span of 12 hours, Jake and I moved all our worldly possessions and cleaned our old apartment within an inch of its life. Our landlords expected us to make it appear as if humans have never lived there before if we want to see any of our deposit back.

In our move out instructions, they even told us not to bother cleaning the stove drip pans. If we wanted to save our deposit from being docked, we had to buy new ones to replace the ones we had used.

Also, there is a clause in our move out instructions where they explain that even if there are no visible pet stains on the carpet, we could still lose part of our deposit if any spots show up under the black light. That’s right, these bitches are going to be scanning our old apartment with a black light looking for trace amounts of pet juices. Joyous.

Needless to say, the cleaning on move out day got a bit intense. (Because there is no fucking way I am losing my deposit over a stain I can’t even see.)

Even after all that mayhem, Jake and I still had to organize things in this apartment. We finally got more or less fully settled in on Sunday. And by “settled in” I mean there are no more boxes to trip over in the kitchen.


Jake is still clinging to a few boxes of electronic knick knacks, dohickys, and thingamabobs, but he at least moved them into the corner by his desk, so those don’t could against the whole “settled in” status.

In addition to that chaos. At work we had one person quit unexpectedly and three new people start in nine person office. Proportionally, this was a pretty drastic shift in personnel. Also, in addition to our gradually increasing daily workload (colder weather means more and more furnace applications), a switch to a new phones system has caused our voicemail assignments to triple. Not like that’s a big deal at all… Pffff… Who does love being expected to do three times the work in the same amount of time for the same pay?

As if that wasn’t an already near crippling amount of stress, ASU has now messed up my admission application, again. I got an email late Friday saying that my transcripts were not received by the Graduate English Department. This made my eye start twitching, because I confirmed that my transcripts were received in late August, and I even checked again in October.

Being that it was after business hours on a Friday, I frantically reordered transcripts and wrote out the most beautifully worded email ever conceived by mankind. It was equal amounts factual, apologetic, and tactfully placing blame on my scatter brained enrollment advisor.

Come to find out on Monday, my transcripts were received by my enrollment advisor, but were not properly attached to my application. And now no one seems to know what happened to them. The fun just never ends.

My saving grace through all this nonsense, has been my wonderful fiance Jake. Shoutout to him for putting things away on the high shelves for me, making my favorite meals for me, and topping everything off by surprising me with a bouquet of flowers. All day things may be madness with work and school, but when I come home all I can do is smile and appreciate all the good things I have going on here.

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