Weekend in Milwaukee

This past weekend I decided to visit my friend, Emma, in Milwaukee.  She’s currently going to school there on a non-stop, thrill ride of an adventure to become an actuary. Super jealous right? All those crazy nights white-knuckling a statistics textbook? What a rush!

This was my first time visiting her kickass apartment. It is simply stunning. I’m talking real wood floors, wooden doors with ornate metal details, archways between rooms, an old radiator, and built-in, glass door bookshelves. To die for right? And right outside her apartment door is an trapezoidal skylight with a old metal chain hanging down from it. And don’t even get me started about the built in spice pantry!

Emma got dressed up in her most modern mystic outfit, and we headed out to the Milwaukee Art Museum to discuss some high level art. AKA- We got really good at bullshitting some intellectual sounding shit. We would compete to see who could come up with the best explanation for what the artist was trying to capture.

This one is obviously capturing our future apocalyptic destruction by raining rocks. Duh.

Their contemporary art gallery was outstanding. And especially with Emma’s love of minimalism and cubes, we had a blast.

Obviously, a lopsided butterfly.

Afterwards we had coffee, and walked the breakwater.

Milwaukee is gorgeous, and I honestly don’t understand why it gets such a bad rap in Wisconsin.

Personally, I love seeing the water, the trees, the old brick mansions, the stacked overpasses, the crowded jumble that is downtown. It’s all lovely. I honestly struggle to drive through Milwaukee, because I want to gawk at all the cool things passing by.

I really don’t visit Milwaukee enough given all the cool stuff it has to offer. Not to worry though, I’ll be back to visit my Emma soon enough.


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