Quotable Quips

Hello again people of the interwebs! I figured it was about time we had another segment of Quotable Quips. For those of you not aware of the hilarious delight that is Quotable Quips, allow me to explain: These are quotes from either myself or my fiance, Jake, displayed here without any context whatsoever. Feel free to make up your own context as you try to make sense of all this nonsense.

  • “Shit! I made a tunnel.”
  • “I call it the toaster, because kitty loafin’ like bread about to pop!”
  • “Is you doin’ the seduce?”
  • “Become less squish.”
  • “Kitty play tap tap on the BUNS!”
  • “Yous cutting the bed at a diagonal dissecting the bed like a sandmich.”
  • “You butter whore!”
  • “We don’t need donuts because we are adults, and we have Oreos at home.”
  • Sang to the tune of Striped Sweater from Spongebob Squarepants: “The best time to wear a tiny sweater is winter tIME. Cuz otherwise kitty overhEAT.”
    • “PSA- by the kitties too hot council.”

As usual, Charlie wins the award for most popular topic, so he gets to be a little ham in the featured picture. Yet again, he proves to be the most interesting part of our lives. (Luckily Jake and I don’t care if our lives revolve around Charlie since he’s so damn cute! Look at his fluffy tail! Look at it! Tell me you wouldn’t move mountains for that face.)

Let me know what your favorite quotes were in the comments below.

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