Short Hair; Don’t Care

People and bots of the internet, I have had a revelation!

For the first time in my life, I found a salon that I actually like.

It’s called Hachi, and I honestly cannot find a single flaw with it. It’s nestled right in the heart of downtown Madison. It has flexible scheduling with weekend and evening appointments all able to be scheduled at your convenience online. Did I mention that they even take walk-ins? I had to schedule at least two weeks out at my last salon in Green Bay, and even that wasn’t enough notice for them sometimes. With Hachi, I could schedule an appointment for tomorrow, any time of day. This is super helpful, because I’m the type of person who just looks in the mirror one morning and goes, “When did my hair get so long? I need a haircut NOW!”

Also, this place charges by the length of your hair. No longer will I have to pay more based solely off my gender! There is no reason I should have to pay the same price for my buzz and trim as a girl with over a foot of hair hanging from her scalp. The level of skill and amount of time necessary to cut my hair is way closer to that of a short haired man than that of a long haired woman as a general rule of thumb.

I paid almost half of what I used to pay going to “fancy” salons in Green Bay and Madison. And for how much more I paid, I did not get a better haircut at those places. It’s so hard to find someone who actually knows how to do a pixie cut. I can’t tell you how many times a stylist has given me a men’s haircut and tried to pass it off as a pixie. PSA of the day: NOT ALL SHORT HAIRCUTS ARE THE SAME. There are some important distinctions between a men’s haircut and a pixie. Namely, a pixie cut is supposed to be at least slightly feminine.

My last stylist didn’t understand me at all. Whenever I requested a shorter, edgier cut, she would tell me no! She would refuse to cut my hair the way I wanted, and insist that “we were going it out.”

I don’t know what she was doing, but I had no intentions of growing out my hair.

My new stylist, Aislinn, knew exactly what kind of style I wanted without me having to tell her hardly anything. She just gets me.

Even though my hair was ridiculously overgrown and shaggy, she whipped out the clippers and went to town. She buzzed the sides of my head, but left just enough length on top for a super cute, texturized burst of pixie cut wonder.

Moreover, she faded the sides and accented my new do with some delicately pointed details trimmed into my sideburns and my nape.

Here’s a picture that showcases the side view of my hair and features everyone’s favorite kitty, Charlie.


Sorry it’s a weird shot. It’s really hard to selfie with your cat when he’s on top of the fridge. Trust me, this is the best shot I had of the two of us.

My haircut is gorgeous. That’s something I haven’t been able to say for a long time.

It’s fun, funky, interesting, and easy to style. With my baby fine hair, all too often my hair will only looks right if it lays exactly like the stylist cut it. But with this, I can play with it, muss it up, drive with the windows down, who cares! Now my hair always ends up looking at least somewhat presentable.

Not to mention the fact that I have finally found someone who can cut hair as adventurously as I’m willing to wear it! The entire time Aislinn was cutting my hair, she was telling me all about how much she would LOVE to shave a design into my hair. We pro-and-coned types of designs, shading vs. outlines, side vs. back of head designs, length of time between trims with design vs. without. Let’s just say after over a half an hour talking shop about this, I will definitely be getting a design shaved into the back of my head in the near future.

What do y’all think? Have shaved designs already trended out of style? Should I give a flying fuck if they have? Which of the three inspiration pics I have below do you like the best? Please comment your thoughts by clicking above!



2 thoughts on “Short Hair; Don’t Care

  1. I had a design in mine last summer and it was the best thing ever. I wanted to walk around with my right side of my face for everyone to see. lol Right now Im planning to grow out my pixie more into a inverted bob. Oh the stuggle.


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