Kitty Photoshoot!

Yep, you read that right. Jake and I had a Kitty photoshoot yesterday, and yes, it was as amazing as it sounds. And the best part is: It was autumn themed!

Up until this point I have been using my phone camera for most photos on this blog, and Jake’s phone for all selfies. That’s right Millennial generation, I am a disappointment to you all. My very own selfie camera is… is… is… BROKEN!!!! It has been for over two years now. The horror, I know. Not that I’ve missed it too much. I’ve never been one much for selfies. I must admit though, that the lack of personal selfie camera has made blogging a bit difficult though. Luckily I can borrow Jake’s phone pretty much anytime that I need a quick pic.

Despite the fact that I only have a semi-fuctional camera phone, I feel I’ve gotten on pretty well. I mean my Olbrich Garden photos turned out simply stunning. But after five months of blogging, enough was enough, and I begged Jake to bring his DSLR camera home from work.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on an actual camera since I’ve started blogging. I can’t help but gaze longingly at the pinnacle of perfection that is other bloggers’ photos. Most bloggers take just jaw droppingly gorgeous pictures. Most of mine are meh at best. They would pass on Facebook, but they do not compete in the visually driven world of blogging.

So here is my first round of pictures taken while playing around with Jake’s camera.

IMG_2956 (1)


None too shabby if I do say so myself.

Granted, since I was shooting a live action kitty, (emphasis on the live action) I decided to keep the auto-focus on, since I’m not that fast at manually focusing yet. However, because I was using auto-focus, many of my pictures did not turn out. The damn thing kept wanting to focus on the pumpkin instead of the kitty! What a silly camera. Doesn’t it know that Charlie is always the center of attention? Ah well, it shall learn soon enough.

I’ll be excited to try taking some still life photos this week to hone my manual focusing skills. I have some experience manually focusing from taking pictures with my mom’s camera, but I’m rusty to say the least.

Let’s just say that things are going to get very pretty around here.

Gone are the days of posts without photos!

Gone are the days of poorly light shots where everything present just looks sad!

Gone are the days of graininess, blurriness, and shadowiness!

A new era of flawless photos has begun.

Not exactly a flawless photo, but look at the tiny pumpkin! So cute.

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