Why Every Coffee Drinker Should Try a French Press

I am a self-admitted coffee addict. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was fifteen, and I’ve really stopped. In the past, I’ve used a standard coffee maker, Keurig, and I even tried a pour over once, but by far my favorite way to make coffee is using a French Press.

In order to brew coffee with a French press, first you place coffee grounds in the bottom of the glass. Next, you pour boiling water into the glass. Then, you place the top apparatus on the French press with the plunger up, and leave the water and coffee in the French press to brew as long as you desire. (Some people like to stir their coffee after they first pour in the water, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference.) After your coffee has brewed, slowly push down the plunger to force all the loose grounds to the bottom of the glass. Lastly, serve and enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee.

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Obviously I adore my French press. It is probably the number one thing I would bring with me if I was stuck on a desert island. (Second being a lifetime supply of coffee, and Third being a lifetime supply of books. I would be set for life.)

Here are the top 5 reasons any coffee drinker should consider trying out a French press.

1. More Caffeine

French press coffee is often given one of the highest caffeine rankings among brewing methods. Depending on how long you like to brew your coffee, you can alter this either higher or lower according to your preferences. The French press tends to draw more caffeine from the beans, because the grounds remain in contact with the water for a longer period of time. This is why a French press can give you a stronger brew than a coffee maker or a Keurig, which basically just past the water through the grounds as fast as possible.

2. No Waste

Another thing I really like about using a French press is that there is hardly any waste involved. Sure, you still have to throw out the grounds, but you don’t have to throw out a filter or a K-cup. I felt horrible when I was using a Keurig to brew my coffee. The K-cups they use a just so incredibly wasteful. Especially since I would easily go through two every morning. Not to mention the fact that K-cups are expensive as all get out. Save yourself some money, save the planet, and enjoy better coffee? No downside here!

3. Great Taste

Honestly, I think French press coffee tastes better than just about any other method I’ve tried. I REALLY love coffee. The smell. The taste. The whole package. Similar to the way a French press draws more caffeine out of the coffee grounds, it also draws out more of that rich coffee flavor. Compared to my French press coffee, coffee maker coffee is just ‘blah.’

4. Flexible Amount

This is more with regards to Keurigs. You don’t have to just brew one cup at a time with a French press. Depending on the size you buy, you can brew one cup or several. I suppose you still have the ability to brew one cup with a standard coffee maker, but I always feel bad wasting a coffee filter for just one cup of coffee.

5. Classy as Fuck

Last, but not least, French presses are absolutely fancy as fuck. Friends and family will all be super impressed with your brewing skills. I’m not joking, my mom was amazed the first time she saw me do it. And the best part is, it isn’t even hard! Pour the grounds, pour the water, let brew, and viola. Sure, you have to boil the water separately, so it’s one extra step, but with all the benefits, why the hell wouldn’t you?

Brew_Guide-FrenchPress-Step05 2


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