My First Pair of Zenni’s

After hearing rave reviews from both friends and coworker, I decided to try out Zenni Optical. I was a little skeptical after hearing that there was more selection and great quality at a fraction of the price, but I figured it was worth a try. Let’s face it, even if it didn’t work out, at about $20 a pair I wasn’t going to lose out much by trying it out.

I had been planning on getting new glasses anyway. My last glasses were about four years old. Granted my prescription didn’t change that much, but the acetate frames were beat to hell.

I went online and was thrilled with all the styles to choose from. I like an interesting pair of glasses, and through Zenni, the choices are just about endless. I have a bit of a hard time finding glasses, because I have a small face. My pupillary distance (PD) is 56 which is about the lowest an adult frame can go. I usually only have a handful of frames that will actually fit my face, and usually these a frames made for awkward, growing teenagers. Inevitably I will hate all of these frames, and I will be left to choose whether I want a child’s frame that will be slightly too small or an adult frame that will be way too big. Through Zenni my selection was limited because of my small PD, but I still had ten fold the choices of what I did through a glasses store. Also, it was way easier to filter out the glasses that didn’t fit me using the online tools. In store I would have to check the tag of each pair of glasses individually. What a pain.

Through Zenni it was also really nice to have the Zenni Frame Fit tool. I uploaded a picture of myself, and was more or less able to “try on the glasses” in the picture. Was it perfect? No. Did it help me tell whether or not a pair of glasses looked good on me? Absolutely. Honestly, I was really nervous about buying glasses online. I was afraid I would like them online, and then they would look terrible on me in person. The Zenni Frame Fit tool helped me make an informed decision, and took away some of my online shopping anxiety.

All my life, I’ve been told I should only wear rectangular frames, because of the shape of my face. Nonetheless, I’ve never been able to look at a square, cat eye, or circular frame without a tinge of longing. I’ve always wanted to buy a more interesting frame shape. Rectangular frame are so dull, I bought my last pair in blend of five different colors just to make it palatable. I used to describe them to others as a “fiesta on my face.” They were a good pair of glasses, and their colorfulness suited my bubbly personality pretty well. The only problem with them is that I love to wear colorful outfits, and I can’t tell you how many times in the past I wore an outfit that completely clashed with my glasses. This time I was determined to get a neutrally colored frame that was still somewhat interesting in shape.

After searching high and low through Zenni Optical’s website, I found the perfect pair. They are a square frame with a black and white tortoiseshell pattern. I was terrified that even though they fit my PD, the square frame would still look too bit for my face. I was dying for a change, so went for it anyway, and they look stunning if I do say so myself.

Many people view wearing glasses to be a chore or to be downright embarrassing, but I have always loved wearing glasses. In my opinion, they are basically just jewelry for your face.  I have no interest in ever wearing contacts. Especially when my glasses make me look this cute. However, being a glasses wearer has not always been easy. It can be really costly and very hard to find a pair of glasses that you’ll want to wear everyday. Zenni has liberated me of the high prices and small selection of a traditional glasses shop. Now, I can find any shape frame, in any style, and still find something that will look good on me.

That’s not to say that there is no difference between my $30 Zenni’s and my $200 dollar traditional glass. I will say that my Zenni’s do not fit around the side of my head very well and they sit funny on my ears. At some point, I will probably have to go to an optometrist and pay to have them fitted properly. Also, I do have a lot of glare off these glasses. Of course, I could have upgraded to get an anti-glare coating on my Zenni’s, but I didn’t, because I wasn’t sure whether or not I would like them. When I order from Zenni again, I will definitely splurge to get an anti-glare coating.

Another common complaint among Zenni buyers is that the glasses don’t last as long as traditional glasses. All I have to say about that is DUH! You get what you pay for. Plain and simple. If you want glasses that are perfect in every way and are going to last forever, go to an optometrist. If you want stylist glasses, that will get the job done, at an affordable price, shop at Zenni Optical. Honestly, for how much I paid for my last pair of glasses, I could have bought a new pair of Zennis about every year. Personally, I am a very style conscious person with a really weak prescription, so it is worth it to me to buy cheap, gorgeous glasses, and be able to switch things up about once a year.

All I can say is that I am so happy that I found Zenni Optical, and I cannot wait to go back and get a pair of prescription sunglasses next!

File_000 (24)

Also, here’s a blooper pic of my cat photobombing me. You’re welcome.


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