Quotable Quips

This has been a surprising quotable week. Between nerves over my graduate admission, the stress of car shopping, and the normal levels of silliness I maintain, the words that stumbled out of my mouth this past week were quite curious.

For example…

  • “Squeal all you want! You are demon spawn!”
  • “Just add that to my lunacy tab.”
  • “Jake! Kitty is a tease.”
  • “I know you can’t see it, but I’m flipping you off right now.”
  • “You have to shoot a rainbow out your ass to propel you across the finish line. The rainbow itself is made out of pure love…and sparkles.”
  • “Suck my big hairy balls. You are not eating any of my muffins.”
  • “Alexa stop! You unhelpful cunt.”
    • For those of you unfamiliar with the newest and latest in tech novelties, Alexa is the name for an Amazon Dot. All she does is listen to everything we say, make timers, tell us the weather, and yell at us that she doesn’t know what we want from her. She’s annoying as hell, but Jake got her for free at a tech conference, so why not? (Also, she tells me the weather waaaaay faster than Jake.)
  • “Kitty doin’ that swanky walk.”
  • “Grey potatoes don’t exist!”
    • Jake and I actually got into a HUGE fight over this.
  • “Do you get a commission from the vet?”


This weeks challenge, guess how many of this week’s quotes pertain to the cat. Hint: it’s more than you think.


Photo Credit: This Quotable Quips picture was taken by yours truly, and beautifully edited by none other than my fiance, Jake.

(No, for you information our lives to not revolve around our cat.)

(We lie. We are enslaved by the cuteness of our cat.)

(Please don’t save us.)

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