The Inspirational Horrors of the Green Bay Metro

Here’s another sneak peak of the novel I’m working on. The progress is a bit slow. I’m trying to pump out a measly chapter a week. In reality, it’s closer to a chapter every two weeks, but regardless I am chugging along with it. This is the first long term writing project I’ve ever worked on. It’s not always easy going. The chapter before this I had crazy writers block. I couldn’t figure out how I could bring my story from where it was to where I wanted it to be. I had to find another part of the story to tell to bridge the gap between Mary and Lucy first meeting, and their first fight. It was a downright painful process, but I finally found the perfect tangent to use in the meantime before the big fight.

The scene involves Mary taking her first public bus ride ever on her way to her first classroom field experience as a pre-service teacher. She is super excited to work with real students for the first time, but she is also extremely nervous about getting lost or being late on her first day. She ends up finding public transportation to be a less than user friendly experience. Here is a snippet from that chapter that I am especially proud of. In this snippet Mary is describing a group of middle schoolers that are riding on the bus. She is watching them out of the corner of her eye, because she is trying to use them as a cue for which stop to get off at, since she is unsure of where she is and which stop she wants.


Section from Chapter Nine of Unapologetically Human

            The backseat middle schoolers rise in a clump that is simultaneously gregarious and riotous. A bit of a paradox, but then again what part of middle school isn’t a contradiction? They swagger shuffle towards the narrow bus door where they attempt to depart as a single entity, however, once they discover this is an impossible task, they resign themselves to the notion that they must brave their reentry into the real world as individuals. Terrifying.




The sixteen pages I’ve written so far isn’t much, really it’s a drop in the bucket compared to a full blown novel, but I’m honestly really proud of what I have done with this already. It started out as me having an idea in the middle of the night, and scratching down five pages in my notebook by lamplight. All it was was two characters having a disagreement. They didn’t even have names. I furiously scribbled down dialog without any real concept of who these people were. Now here I am, and I really can’t even believe I’m already through nine chapters. Granted none of the chapters are very long, but that’s still nothing to sneeze at. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the book takes me. The best parts of this story are yet to come, and I honestly think it will be fantastic.


PS- Yes, this story is inspired by real like events. I was once that idiot totally lost on the Green Bay bus, looking to middle school students for guidance. For the record, it turned out fine. Middle school students are reliable in only one aspect: showing up to middle school.

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