Quotable Quips

Once again enough time has elapsed and enough crazy shit has been said to warrant another Quotable Quips post. (Trademark pending…but not really, because I don’t know how to do that.) However, this time there’s a twist! These are not just quotes I’ve said. They are also quotes that I’ve heard Jake say throughout the week. So now not only can you try to guess the context, but even who said what. Trust me, some of these wouldn’t have even guessed Jake would say out loud. Happy speculating!

  1. “Paint me like one of your French kitties.”
  2. “This is why I have a fiance, because I can’t see my elbows.”
  3. “There is a kitty who’s very bitey, and he looks like he snorted a bunch of cocaine.”
  4. “I feel like it’s plugging into my brainstem.”
  5. “Kitty! Be my backup dancer! I need to throw down some fresh rhythms, and I need that shakin’ kitty booty.”
  6. “Do I have to…you know…cut him open?”
  7. “Is someone strategically loafin’?”
  8. “Did you hear that kitty? He doesn’t care about me or my sensititties.”

Again, feel free to comment what the context of the quote was or who said it. Who knows, maybe you’ll win a prize if you guess right. *wink wink*

Also, once again the cat proved to be the most interesting part of Jake and I’s lives. So he gets the featured spot again, that little shit.


Photo credit and edit: the multitalented Jake Labeots.

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