Failure is Not an Option; I Already Bought a Sweatshirt.

So this week I decided to finally make my next HUGE step in my life. I have officially applied to graduate school. It was a nerve racking process what with the statement of purpose and letters of recommendation, but I did it. I am so unbearably nervous and excited to hear back from them. I’m already so committed to the idea of enrolling and graduating through this program, I honestly can’t even comprehend the thought that there is a possibility they could reject me.

I have researched dozens of online master’s of English programs at thing point. Arizona State University is perfect for me. Their online degree incorporates all of my loves in life: literature, writing, rhetoric, and linguistics. Courses are accelerated, so I can focus on one class at a time without losing precious time. Also, I can graduate in a year and a half with a total program cost of $17,000. (That’s incredible!) Not to mention the fact that ASU is an amazing school with a fantastic English department. ASU is highly recommended for its online graduate programs from both alumni and current students. The university itself is ranked number one in innovation. They beat out Harvard and Stanford for the title, which is just incredible. A little bit of innovation is exactly what my life needs right now. I am so unbelievably excited to begin this new chapter in my life. (Chapter. English major. Punny right?)

I can already see myself coming home from work on a cold winter’s day. Changing from my stuffy work clothes into a comfy ASU sweatshirt. Curling up with a blanket, a cup of tea, and my laptop to start chipping away at my coursework. It was such a gorgeous image that I couldn’t wait to make it reality.

I told myself I would wait until I was accepted to buy the sweatshirt that I was all too vidid in my daydreams, but a bored afternoon window shopping online and a glass of wine made that dream a reality a little sooner than expected.

Let’s hope and pray I get in, because that sweatshirt was waaaaay too expensive for it just to be an awkward reminder of the school that rejected me.

ps- Ain’t it just darling?

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