Memory Monday

Here’s a story about my one and only “lesbian” college experience. I hope you find the story as tantalizing as the experience itself. *wink, wink*

(Except I can’t wink, so please imagine someone blinking at you forcefully. That would be a much more accurate description of what my “winks” look like.)

Kissing Kelly-

My job at the Phoenix Club saved me my first year of college. I am so thankful for my job there. I had most of the funniest moments of my college experience happen behind that bar counter. I met a lot of unique characters and made my strongest college friendships working under those violet lights. Sure, the entire place smelled of “morning man stank,” a majority of the surfaces were sticky, and every piece of furniture was in tatters, but that was my home. My coworkers were my Green Bay family. They took care of me, looked out for me, and annoyed the absolute crap out of me. As family does.

One of the most hilarious moments happened during my first week of training. Kelly and Ben were my trainers. However, there was hardly enough work in the club for one person, and there certainly wasn’t enough work for three. We ended up spend our entire shift laughing and messing with each other.

Ben kept doing this gag where he would melodramatically profess his love for Kelly. Then, he would step into to dip her back into a romantic-comedy-perfect kiss. Inevitably, Kelly would push Ben away before he even got close, and not so politely remind him that she wasn’t interested. I entertained for hours by their Tom-and-Jerry-esque cat and mouse chase. Ben would suggest a dinner to Red Lobster. Kelly would concede that she she enjoyed their cheddar biscuits. Then, Ben would  shout with utter delight, “Fantastic! It’s a date.”

Kelly would glare at him and sneer, “You wish.”

Of course, I chidded Ben about how it wasn’t that hard to ask out a girl, he just had to know how to treat her like a lady. (With a sideways look to Kelly as we both eagerly awaited whatever antic Ben would try next.) He replied by telling me it was harder than it looked. Undeterred, I bet Ben I could kiss Kelly before he could.

Ben dismissed me with a, “Yeah, yeah sure you will.”

Little did he know I had every intent to kiss Kelly before the end of that shift.

A couple hours later, after an abundace of jokes and date proposals, it was time for Kelly to go home. As was the routine, Ben asked Kelly for a hug, (and one finally opportunity to try for a kiss) before she left. Kelly obliged with a quick hug and a well-timed shove. Kelly and I burst into laughter and Ben faked a fat-lipped pout and traced a fake tear down his cheek.

I spread my arms open wide as an invitation for a goodbye hug too. As Kelly approached me, Ben went on about how he would get Kelly to say yes one of these days.

As soon as I had Kelly in my arms, I sniped a kiss on her cheek. Kelly, never expecting a thing, staggered back with a hand over her cheek as her brain attempted to register what had just happened.

Wide-eyed Kelly looked Ben straight in the eye and said, “That’s too bad. Erica beat you too it.” Kelly and Ben both doubled over with laughter, as attended to the giggle tears running down my face.

For the rest of my time at the Phoenix Club, I never let Ben live down the fact that I had beat him at his favorite game.


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