The Worst and Best Interview of my Life

My interview with CLEAResult last week was something straight out of a nightmare. First of all, I show up, park my car in a garage, and walk to the address that the staffing agency gave me. However, for the life of me, I cannot find this building. I can find 316 and 222, but there is no 250 in between them. I check that I’m on the right street three times, and pace the block back and forth with my head on a swivel to find this elusive building, but, alas, I couldn’t find it. After fifteen minutes of frantic searching, I give up and call the interviewer. I tell her where I am, so that she can give me directions, and she says, “Oh! You’re downtown?”

Shit. Not a good sign.

She then explains that, that was their old address from OVER A YEAR AGO. I get the new address and sprint towards the parking garage. On the way there, I did spare a little time and energy to chew out the staffing agency for giving me the WRONG FUCKING ADDRESS. And you know what? I could have forgiven them. I really could have. IF THE CHANGE OF ADDRESS WASN’T OVER A YEAR AGO. (Needless to say, I was super pissed.) They had one job! One job!

So I show up to this interview half an hour late, and I am freaking out. I’m not even completely certain that they will still be able to meet with me. This is probably about the worst first impression possible for an interview. Yet, to my surprise, everyone there was so nice about it. I could not believe how accommodating they all were. They were all like, “That could have happened to anyone.” From there the rest of the interview went super well. They laughed at all my stories and jokes, and they all seemed to really like me. Towards the interview they stopped asking me questions, and we all just chatted for about twenty minutes.

They told me that they would need a week to decide, but they called me back less than two days later with a job offer. I was over the moon. I start Monday and I could not be more thrilled. This job had everything on my wish list and more: A/C, an office chair, flexible start time/end time/lunch period, business casual dress (jeans acceptable!), and a worthy cause I can get behind. Wish me luck!

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