Welcome Charlie!!!

Say hello to the newest (and cutest) addition to our little family. After weeks of searching, Jake and I finally found the perfect kitty to adopt. He is a fourth month old tabby who was rescued from a kill shelter in Kentucky. He likes to play non-stop, nap on my chest, and massage our necks with his claws. He is the sweetest cat I have ever met. He doesn’t mind if you touch his paws or if you give him a belly rub. However, his energy level is through the roof. He takes ten to fifteen minute power naps, but other than that, he wants to play about 80% of the day. When I say “day,” I don’t just mean 7am-11pm, I mean 24 hours a day. He’s usually pretty good about occupying himself between midnight and 5am, but without fail he wakes us both up around 4am by biting our toes. I swear to god, I need cat-ernity leave from work. There is so much that needs to be done for a new kitten. We had to kitty-proof the house which was no small feat. He knocks over just about anything on any table, chews plants, chews cords, climbs the shades, jumps on the stove (while we are cooking), and has already destroyed our leather couch. But look at him! How could anyone stay mad at a face like that?

ps- I promise you with see a lot more pictures of him.

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