Memory Monday

A lot of my posts recently have been a little down in the dumps. Here’s a funny story about my first year in college.

Mirror Lake-

After our first semester away in college, Kevin, Oliver, and I returned to Baraboo for a weeklong of winter break fun in our hometown of Baraboo, Wisconsin. We decided it would be fun to go cross country skiing at Mirror Lake State Park. However, after the initial snowfall there was a pretty significant thaw. The weather warmed up to forty degrees that December, and the snow was melting like it was Spring. The tulips were probably preparing to break through the slush that very moment, but the weather was warm and we were feeling adventurous. We ventured out to find we pretty much had the park to ourselves. No one else was stupid enough to risk their skis on such papery thin snow. That was our first mistake. The snow had melted so much that the asphalt and gravel roads that usually criss-crossed the under the trails were completely exposed. We gingerly tried to pick up our feet and step with our skis to reduce the damage done, but I imagine the result was still pretty devastating. (I couldn’t bear to look after we took the skis off.) My second mistake was choosing such tall skiing partners. Kevin is about six inches taller than me, and Oliver is almost a foot taller. My tiny legs could not keep up with their long strides. I kept running out of breath and falling down in my haste to keep up with them. All they could hear was a wheezing, “Hold up guys!” coming from far behind them. Before long we felt so hot in that intense winter sun, that we began shedding our layers in the middle of the woods. We were stuffing our hats and gloves in our pockets and unbuttoning our coats just so we could breath. Between the exertion of basically dragging our skis through the heavy, wet, slushy snow and the unusual heat, we were all drowning in sweat. Although, that was not the only liquid on my mind. After drinking two cups of tea with Oliver before we left and skiing for about an hour, I was feeling pretty anxious to find a bathroom. Let me tell you, it is very hard to do the “potty dance” with two waxed, wooden boards attached to your feet. Eventually it got to the point that I could take no more. I begged Kevin and Oliver to stop skiing 100 yards ahead of me and look away while I relieved myself. Another thing that is very difficult: squatting with two waxed, wooden boards attached to your feet. I almost started skiing away half way through. Afterwards, we all skied into a beautiful clearing right in front of the lake. The sun was setting. The lighting was gorgeous. And despite our struggles, we were having a great time skiing together. Oliver, always eager to snap a selfie, offered to take a picture commemorating our little trek out into the wilderness. We couldn’t even say, “cheese,” before Kevin was flat on his back with his skis dangling above him. Oliver and I was laughing so hard that we both began skiing a little away. Another thing that is very difficult: helping your friend up when all parties involved have waxed, wooden boards attached to their feet.

Photo Credit- Oliver Horjus

Featured Skiers- Kevin Tobin and Erica’s legs

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