A little Success

Finally, I figured out how to do this job. My first attempt at a job outside of teaching was not a total failure. I made it well over the expected quota this week, and had two “hot nights.” A “hot night” is when a canvasser raises about double the expected quota or more. There was one night this week that I came home empty handed, but there was also a night that I raised over three times the quota. It all evens out that way. What’s important now, is that I can finally move on from this rotten job without feeling like I’m giving up just because it was hard. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned so much by taking this job. However, the working conditions are terrible. I’m in the field about five hours more or less. During these five hours I have very limited access to water or a bathroom. I am exposed to the elements, and I am solely dependent on the kindness of others. If I’m lucky, there will be a gas station or a park on my turf, but there are certainly many days that I’m not that lucky. If there isn’t a gas station or a park with a water fountain, I am expected to ask random people to fill my water bottle. If you’ve every worked door-to-door, you’ll know that most people aren’t thrilled to see you when you come knocking on their door unexpectedly. I can go for hours, sometimes the entire day, without speaking to someone that responds positively enough that I can ask them for water. Not to mention there is a HUGE safety concern here. When I originally applied for this job, I figured I would be working with a partner. In reality, I am alone for five hours, knocking on random doors, and sometimes carrying hundreds of dollars in my backpack. Oh! I forgot to mention, there is one safety measure in place, I get one text message check in half way through my shift.  However, no one bats an eye if I don’t respond to this. My field manager doesn’t really care until I’m late for pick up. This means I could go hours before someone realizes I have been A: kidnapped, B: hit by a car, C: robbed, or D: raped and murdered. Granted these are worst case scenarios, but given the whole walking for hours in the blazing hot sun everyday, I really don’t need much else to motivate me to find another job. I’m just so happy that I can leave this job without feeling like a failure. I really didn’t want to leave just, because I wasn’t very good at this. Now I can leave, because this job sucks balls.

ps- This is a picture from my turf on Wednesday. This job is rough, but it’s not all bad. Sometimes I get a pretty great view.

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