Jack with no Trades

Yesterday, after five hours of canvassing, I raised nothing. Zich. Zero. Nada. I don’t really know how to cope with this. I have never been bad at my job before. From day one, I have always excelled no matter the line of work. All of my jobs to date include, fast food team member, corporate data entry, receptionist, day camp junior counselor, recreation assistant, information desk assistant, after school staff, adventure guide, Spanish tutor, and now non-profit canvasser. As you can see, my resume is quite varied. I have a lot of experience doing a lot of different things. I’ve been good at all my jobs. I’ve never missed a chance for a raise, and I face my performance evaluations without fear. With this job, however, I am having a rough start. I’ve been trying as hard as possible, but I just can’t seem to meet even their basic expectations. I would work tirelessly to fix whatever it was that I was doing wrong, but for the life of me, I don’t know how to improve. I’m repeating the “rap” nearly verbatim, and I have been using the responses I have learned in training, but nothing seems to work. I want to blame the areas that I’ve been given to canvass. I want to say it wasn’t possible for me to succeed given the houses on my list, or, more accurately, the people who resided in those houses, but I know this line of thought is unproductive. There is always room for improvement in any job, especially one so new. I’m probably missing the confidence or personable nuances that come with experience. I just wish I didn’t feel like I was letting everyone down so much.

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