Making Dogs Bark is my Specialty…

Fundraising door-to-door is nothing but persistence and resilience. Five hours of walking around a neighborhood, knocking on doors until your knuckles bruise, and having people disregard every word you say time and time again. There’s no better immersion therapy for overcoming fear of rejection. We are rejected near constantly. In fact, we are not expected to have anyone say yes within the first three hours. That time is mostly spent weeding out the obvious “no’s.” The magic hour is between 6pm-8pm. That’s when everyone seems to feel much more giving. (Actually, that’s when the people with full time jobs/disposable income usually come home.) So, the hardest part of the job is staying optimistic and energized despite the near constant slam of doors in your face, because you never know if there is a “yes” waiting behind that door. We are only expected to get between 3 and 5 “yeses” a night, so each one is incredible precious, and not to be wasted by pessimism and doubt. Honestly, I believe this job will make me a better person. I’m usually super sensitive to criticism, because I’m so critical of myself. If anyone else adds to the constant critique going on in my own head, it feels like abuse. I feel like I’ve already improved there though. I’m trying to take comments much less personally. I’ve always known that feedback from superiors and peers are never meant to offend, but they always did. These repeated experiences with rejection and criticism were the only way to desensitize myself to it. I’m glad I’m finally branching out from teaching. I never would have had these kinds of experiences if I had stayed locked in the classroom.

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