Goodbye Green Bay Apartment

Today was a day and a half. I had to wake up early to drive from Madison to Green Bay just to wrap up some loose ends. That is a total of six hours on the road roundtrip just to do a walk through with my land lady, turn in keys, and have my bed taken away. Fun-tastic day right!? Also, I forgot to clean out the inside of the oven when I moved all my stuff out a week ago, so I had the pleasure of spending the entire afternoon inhaling oven cleaning spray. Overall though, it was a pretty sad day. I don’t think I’ll ever return to Green Bay and I will definitely never live in that apartment again. I won’t miss Green Bay too much (That’s a town for lovers of beer, ice storms, and football. Ps- I hate every one of those things.), but I will miss that apartment. It was the perfect first apartment for Jake and I. It was affordable, the land lady was extremely nice and flexible, and it was breathtaking gorgeous. It was an old victorian house with hardwood floors throughout, huge picture windows, two pocket doors, and even a window seat. I could not have dreamed up a more perfect apartment. Sure, it was never really “warm” inside during the winter, but that just meant more cozy cuddling to keep warm. Sure, once Jake got heat exhaustion because the windows didn’t open up enough for proper air flow and there was no air conditioning, but after I covered him in ice packs, I went to get ice cream to help him cool down. We loved every second that we lived in that apartment. It was the first thing that was truly “ours.” So all that’s left to say is, goodbye apartment. Thank you for all the memories. Love forever and for always.    – Erica and Jake

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